/Disastrous A Curse (The Story Of The Goddess Wilutama) Part 3
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Disastrous A Curse (The Story Of The Goddess Wilutama) Part 3

Disastrous A Curse (The Story Of The Goddess Wilutama) Part 3 – Continued from Disastrous A Curse (The Story Of The Goddess Wilutama) Part 2

The wisdom behind the story of the Goddess Wilutama

There is wisdom that can be taken from the story of goddess Wilutama because the story of goddess Wilutama can provide implicit lessons to every woman. A teaching that is very useful for women in living life to be wiser.
The teaching of the wise is in line with the teachings of Gautama Buddha religion about the “middle way”. This teaching also in accordance with the teachings of the ancestors of Java that mention so that human beings have always acted “Reasonably” i.e. don’t get too excess and don’t be too less.
Based on the teachings of Gautama Buddha and ancestors of Java, then what is done by the goddess Wilutama in giving succor to Bambang Kumbayana said “true but not Wise”.

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“True” for the Goddess Wilutama as being God is obligated to give aid to anyone in need.
“Not Wise” because when delivering Bambang Kumbayana from Atasangin to the land of Java, goddess Wilutama was willing to become Bambang Kumbayana’s sex partner. This is causing the goddess Wilutama had a son with the legs to resemble a horse’s Footprint.

From this, it can be concluded that “Giving help is a good thing, but don’t overdo it.” Because someone who is too good will has often taken advantage of by others. As a result of people who give excessive aid will get a bad result.
Giving help in upholding virtues in one another God beings are obligatory. So the help given by Dewi Wilutama to Bambang Aswatama to get a way to enter Hastinapura’s palace cannot be justified for any reason. Given the purpose of Bambang Aswatama is not for good, but to commit a crime that is killing all offspring, family, and relatives of the Pandavas.
As a wise woman, always give a warning and if necessary ban loud to others especially on his family when going to do a crime. Here lies the role of a woman who was supposed to be a clever directing people to the truth and advised to goodness.

It must be admitted the Goddess Wilutama had a genius thought, but it was unfortunate that she could not distinguish which commands that gave benefits and orders that caused havoc. Even though Goddess Wilutama’s position was Bathara Guru’s subordinate, Goddess Wilutama was not supposed to obey the orders of her superior, Bathara Guru. The government in the form of reuniting love from the incarnation of Lord Drema (dripping on Samba Wisnubrata) with Goddess Dremi (dripping on Goddess Hagnyanawati). Because this turned out to result in a broken marriage relationship between Goddess Hagnyanawati and her husband King Bambang Sitija. In addition, the result of this order caused many casualties.

Expected any woman, not imitation of what is done by the goddess Wilutama from the previous story. Therefore, for women who work in the Government or private companies, they should not just follow the boss’s orders. We recommend that you first learn the command!! If the order has a positive effect, do it, but if the order has a negative effect … Reject it!