/Disastrous A Curse (The Story Of The Goddess Wilutama) Part 2

Disastrous A Curse (The Story Of The Goddess Wilutama) Part 2

Disastrous A Curse (The Story Of The Goddess Wilutama) Part 2 – Continued from Disastrous A Curse (The Story Of The Goddess Wilutama) Part 1

Second Mission, Unifying avatar of Lord Drema and Goddess Dremi

At one time, Bathara Guru ordered to the goddess Wilutama to unify the Lord Drema love reincarnated on the Samba Wisnubrata (son of King Krishna and Jembawati) and Goddess Dremi who are reincarnated in the goddess Hagnyanawati (daughter of King Naraka of Boma the Kingdom of Surateleng and goddess Yatnyagini).
The union of love between the incarnation of Lord Drema and Goddess Dremi which later led to the great war.. Briefly, it could be explained that Samba was cheating on goddess Hagnyanawati (wife of Bambang Sitija). Samba killed by Bambang Sitija. After Samba died, then goddess Hagnyanawati committed suicide by burning herself into the Pancaka fire. Bambang Sitija was eventually killed by King Kresna, the father of Samba.

Some of the Knight and the King also became a victim in a feud between Samba Wisnubrata and Bambang Sitija, including Wismaka (son of King Balarama), King Vasudeva, the King of Setyajid, Vizier of King Bhishmaka, Pancatnyata, as well as the entire army of the Kingdom of Surateleng.

Third Mission, Helping Bambang Aswatama

After the Bharatayuda war between the Pandawa and Kurawa families, goddess Wilutama went down to earth to give help to her son Bambang Aswatama.
Bambang Aswatama has a plan to kill all descendants, families, and relatives of Pandavas in Hastinapura. Although he intends to kill all people related to the Pandavas, Bambang Aswatama has the main target of killing Parikesit, who was still a baby. Parikesit is the son of Abimanyu and Dewi Utari.
Due to the help of the goddess Wilutama, and in the implementation of the plan was assisted by Bambang Kartamarma, Ashwatthama successfully enters and down the aisle of the underground Palace of Hastinapura at night. Using the power of the magical Begananda, Bambang Ashwatthama can make sleep a whole family and relatives, descendants of the Pandavas, so easily kill several Knights, among others Trustajumena, Shikhandi, Setyaki, Udawa and Banowati by beheading.

But before killing Parikesit’s baby, Bambang Aswatama’s eyes were hit by the blade Kyai Pulanggeni, which was trapped by the tiny feet of a baby Parikesit. Groaning in pain, Bambang Aswatama ran out to leave Hastinapura palace, the atmosphere of Hastinapura then became noisy.
Bhima who woke up soon hunt Bambang Ashwatthama in the darkness of the night. Since Bhima’s leg step blindly, many wives and families the Pandavas became a victim. Most of those killed were stepped on the foot of Bima, even underneath the door killed Subhadra swept by Bhima himself.
Bambang Aswatama and Kartamarma had managed to escape far outside Hastinapura’s palace, but they could not escape their actions, Bambang Aswatama and Kartamarma were finally condemned by God. Bambang Aswatama turns into a crow, while Kartamarma turns into a Bence bird. So since that time for the Javanese community, if the night sounds of a crow, it is a sign that there will be a Human death, whereas if the evening sounds of birds Bence, sign theft would occur.

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