/Disastrous A Curse (The Story Of The Goddess Wilutama) Part 1
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Disastrous A Curse (The Story Of The Goddess Wilutama) Part 1

Disastrous A Curse (The Story Of The Goddess Wilutama) – Goddess Wilutama has a very beautiful face, besides that Goddess Wilutama also has a smart brain. Because of its advantages, Goddess Wilutama is believed to be the leader of the nymphs in charge of accompanying Bathara Guru at every ceremony or event in the environment of the Gods. The fairies under the leadership of the goddess Wilutama in the accompanying Bathara Guru was the Goddess Warsiki, the Goddess Supraba, the Goddess Lenglengdanu, the Goddess Irimirin, the Goddess Gagarmayang, and the goddess Tanjung Biru.

The Life Story Of Goddess Wilutama

Goddess Wilutama in Javanese wayang story ever came down to Earth from Heaven Jong Giri Saloka three times to execute her missions.

First mission Helped Bambang Kumbayana

One day, King Baratmadya king of the kingdom of Atasangin like to anoint the son Bambang Kumbayana his Crown as King, but Bambang Kumbayana rejected the request of his father, because Bambang Kumbayana has the desire to live in Java, as his brother Suchitra (King Drupada) who has become the King of the Kingdom of Cempalareja.
King Baratmadya became angry when Bambang Kumbayana rejected his request, he was then expelled from Atasangin country. Without feeling guilty or regretful, Bambang Kumbayana Atasangin leaving the country.
On the way out of Atasangin, Bambang Kumbayana arrived at the seashore, because he could not fly to cross the ocean, Bambang Kumbayana who indeed had an arrogant nature swore an oath ” Anyone who can take me away to Java, then if he was the man I would make him a brother and if she is a woman I will make her a wife”
After taking an oath, a female flying horse descends from space. This horse is a change form of the goddess Wilutama, The horse was shaking her ass in front of Bambang Kumbayana. In silence, Bambang Kumbayana could grasp the intention if the horse would give him help to bring across the ocean to the land of Java.
Without thinking Bambang Kumbayana jumped on the horse’s back, not long after the horse sped flying into the sky. On the way to the land of Java, Bambang Kumbayana’s passionate desire flared up, Bambang Kumbayana having intercourse with a horse.
After arriving on the north coast of Java, Bambang Kumbayana gets off the horse’s back. Bambang Kumbayana surprise while watching the horses to a Java suddenly gave birth to a baby boy. Because of being ashamed, Bambang Kumbayana kills the horse by using his weapon Kyai Cundamanik. In an instant, the horse is transformed into the Goddess Wilutama.
Watch the pretty-faced apsara, Bambang Kumbayana was thrilled his heart, to the goddess Wilutama, Bambang Kumbayana said would marry her. But the Goddess Wilutama refused. After naming a baby boy who was born with a new name, “Bambang Ashwatthama”, the goddess Wilutama leaves the Bambang Kumbayana to return to Jong Giri Saloka Heaven.


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