/Without Any Selfish (Part 2)
without anyselfish 2

Without Any Selfish (Part 2)

Without Any Selfish Part 2 –  Continued from  Without Any Selfish (Part 1)

Gods see all this, feel worried at heart, then remind him. But humans are not as they once were to respect gods, he said, “Only I can do things for humans, you just give me the tools, without me what can you do?”
Because of human selfishness, the horse began not willing to serve it, its work was getting slower. The plow began to rust. As soon as he saw the horse no longer wanted to work, then humans began to arbitrarily make a whip using the intelligence that had been bestowed by the gods, and cruelly whipping horses.

Shortly afterward, finally the horse died tortured. The plow has also been broken by a rock inside the ground. Humans begin to blame God, why give a horse that is not obedient and a plot of infertile cultivation.

Gods feel so dear and sad to hear human complaints. Then, one night that was bombarded by a wind storm, a thunderbolt grabbed the man’s magnificent garden until it burned, humans saved their souls running through the park regardless of anything, and watching its magnificent garden have been burned in the great embers.

With a naked man standing in a vast field, cold in the night breeze, at that moment, he just felt that he had nothing else, he felt very sad and despairing, blaming why God was so unfair to him.

A cool breeze made his memory dust covered, he began to imagine the atmosphere when he had just come to the world, imagined the message of the god and the items that the god had bestowed upon him first.

He finally realized, felt very shy, and felt very sorry, sobbed and said to the horizon, “O, God! I am truly ashamed of asking for forgiveness from You, everything I have is a gift from You, the purpose is that I like You work for the benefit of all people, the innumerable items that you give me, I mean so that I can be more devoted to everyone, and responsible for everyone, but I even break your orders, I make my own personal capital as an ability bestowed upon me, making it a higher capital than anyone else, and making it a tool for personal interests. I had nothing at first, it was you who had given everything to me so that in order to benefit everyone, I just had everything better.

But, now that I have betrayed Your teachings, betray the fact that is beneficial for the people, now I really don’t have anything else. I really feel very sorry, please give the deity of compassion, once again give an opportunity for me, I will try everything possible to provide prosperity in many people, realizing the purpose and your command, such as compassion on the multitudes. “
After said prostrate not rise again.

However, God did not show up, which is just blowing cold winds, people feel sad and disappointed, deeply regret the mistakes yourself it’s hard to be forgiven, and then fell unconscious.

Do not know how long it has passed, humans are awake, and as soon as they wake up to see a bright light, what appears is a group of cows and mountain sheep, a group of nice horses, lots of fresh flowers, chirping birds, blowing wind and sunlight, clouds running in the sky, many living creatures sing cheerfully, praise and flatter the greatness and compassion of gods, humans find that the personal self has everything that is getting better with all beings, and is unable to withstand gratitude and joy, tears run down over the entire face.