/Without Any Selfish (Part 1)
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Without Any Selfish (Part 1)

Without Any Selfish – Either year and what month, over the vast mainland there was born a beautiful soul, his name is “human”. When humans arrived on Earth without a thread, no matter what. Breezy wind blowing, people feel a little cold, then from the firmament, a pair of worn clothes and falls on the human body.

With great thanks, the man said, “Who is this? Thank you! “At that time, there was a voice answered from above the sky,” I am a God, now I give clothes to you, and I still want to bestow a lump of seeds for you, you must go help a group of people who are far away with you, help them plant seeds, help them cultivate, and after autumn comes to enjoy with the fruit produced with them, you must remember, all of this is my gift to you, you must be the same as me, use this and give to others, have you remembered? “

Very grateful, humans said, “Remember!”

Then obey the words of the gods he found a bunch of other humans, helping them manage, and help them plant the seeds. The Gods felt very excited seeing the man keeps his words help others, when looking at human sweat gushed out on the ground, arising the compassion of gods in the liver, and then conferred again a horse in humans. By using horses on the land of humans can save energy. Humans are very grateful to the gods, dare not be stoic, trying everything possible to help others.

After the autumn humans enjoyed with the fruit produced, people were very grateful, with everyone saying at the same time that it was a gift from a noble person, feeling ashamed that humans said, “Don’t say that, it’s all a god’s gift! I was nothing, what can I do? “

Autumn arrived again, the fruit produced was unable to carry because it was so many, then humans said to the god, “Oh, god, can you help me how to bring this fruit?”

Then the god conferred another set of horse carriages, thus moving things faster, everyone said at once that it was a gift from a noble person. Humans again said, “All of this is a gift from God! God gives me all this so that I can help you better, I only give gifts from gods to you, what do I have? “

Do not know how many years have passed, gradually people began to feel satisfied in the midst of the sound of praise from others, and also felt themselves to have offered extraordinary services, so much merit for others, all this is not for their own merit?

Humans are also tired of walking, then overhauling a horse-drawn carriage into a self-sitting train, helping others by looking at how much praise they have, if he does not like the person, he expressly ignores him, even if they plead with compassion.

Humans began to show again with pride in their abilities in front of people, so that people praise and flatter personal services, so that people are grateful for everything that has been given to the public, and at the same time start bargaining with people, so that people build a magnificent garden that is beautiful for themselves.

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